After Combate Peru’s official weigh-ins, all 20 fighters who jumped on the scale are set and ready to make history in Combate Americas‘ first event in South America.

The weigh-ins were broadcasted LIVE via Facebook Watch, where undefeated fighters Daniel “Golden Boy” Zellhuber (154.8) and Geanfranco “Dhalsim” Cortéz (155.1) made weight without any issues, finalizing their Combate Americas’ lightweight division bout.

Chile’s Pablo “El Gallo” Villaseca (148.9) was under the agreed weight limit for his upcoming fight against local fighter Marlon Gonzales (149.3); both were seen hyped and in good shape after their weight cuts.

Combate Peru will take place at Coliseo Manuel Bonilla in Lima, Peru, and will be broadcast exclusively in English in the United States and Canada on DAZN(12am E, 11pm C, 9pm PAC), as well as on Univision (12am E, 11pm C) and on Univisión Deportes (12am E, 11pm C, 9pm PAC). In addition, it will be telecasted nationwide in Peru by Movistar Deportes.

The complete results of Combate Peru’s weigh-ins are shown below:


Daniel “Golden Boy” Zellhuber (154.8 lbs.) vs. Geanfranco “Dhalsim” Cortéz (155.1 lbs.)Peso Ligero (155 libras)


Marlon Gonzales (149.3 lbs.) vs. Pablo “El Gallo” Villaseca (148.9 lbs.)  Peso Pactado (150 libras)


Alitzel Mariscal (113.3 lbs.) vs. María Paula Buzalgo (114.4 lbs.) – Peso Paja (115 libras)

Bruno Pereira (145.6 lbs.) vs. Kevin Moreyra (145.6 lbs.) Peso Pluma (145 libras)


Eduardo “Cyborg” Torres (133.9 lbs.) vs. Rodrigo “El Gato Loco” Vera (134.6 lbs.) Peso Gallo (135 libras)

Andrés Ayala (135.5 lbs.) vs. Renzo Mendez (134.6 lbs.) Peso Gallo (135 libras)

Vicente “Cemento” Vargas (134.6 lbs.) vs. Zury Valenzuela (132.6 lbs.) Peso Gallo (135 libras)

David Martínez (133.5 lbs.) vs. William Sánchez (133.5 lbs.) Peso Gallo (135 libras)

Jennifer González (119.6 lbs) vs. Dana Zighelbolm Grau (117.9 lbs.) Peso Pactado (120 libras)

José “Kalzifer” Ochoa (123.6 lbs.) vs. Omar Torres (125.6 lbs.) Peso Mosca (125 libras)