Angela “Your Majesty” Magana‘s health status has changed positively. The Combate Americas fighter’s health has evolved positively since she entered a coma state few days ago.

Combate Americas has been in direct contact with her trainer, Gabriel Lamastus, who has reported that Magana is responding to the treatments provided and begins to show improvement, specially, waking up from the coma she was in.

According to information gathered, Magana is moving parts of her body (lower and upper extremities) and started to speak again.

Her team and coach expressed their joy at the fortunate events to which Combate Americas joins and celebrate.

Magana’s case started after a herniated disc was detected and she underwent surgery, procedure that culminated in the unfortunate event.

Magana, was scheduled to face Kyra “Mogwai” Batara (7-4) in Combat Americas: Reinas del Combate event, to be held on Friday, April 26.


“Angela Magana, is currently responding to the treatment provided and has awakened from the coma she was in.

Our team will stay in direct contact with her coach. Angela is battling this situation and has our prayers and support.”