Jose Alday - Combate Americas

Jose Alday

"El pochito"










135 LBS







Born in Mexico, Jose grew up in the United States as a young boy and adapted to a lot of cultural things in America. Unfortunately, he was voluntarily deported and forced to return where he struggled to readjust to Mexican life. His nickname stands for people who speak broken Spanish. That happened to Jose because he was gone for so long and when he returned to Mexico, he had trouble acclimating to the language, so his friends teased him and called him “El Pochito.” At first, he didn’t like it, but it eventually grew on him.

Jose got into MMA after returning to Mexico because he didn’t know what to do with himself. He was, admittedly, a bit directionless but always loved working out. Jose went to Total Gym Mexico to check out their fitness program and signed up for the MMA training to stay in shape. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with it, so naturally, he stuck with it and it led him to his first bout.

The first fighter Jose ever looked up to was former UFC champion Jose Aldo because “Junior” has an aggressive striking style coupled with a great ground game. Jose also likes and admires former UFC champion Frankie Edgar for his heart and grit. Jose likes to stay dedicated to MMA so during downtime he will study fights and try new moves. Jose is hoping MMA, along with his hard-working attitude, can get him to return to the United States.

At first, his MMA pursuits came as a shock to his family because Jose was never in a fight, so his mom did not approve of his career choice. He eventually turned pro and started doing well, so his family began supporting him. Jose’s family comes to all his fights and his wife is his biggest fan. Jose has a 20-month-old son he is very proud of.

Jose heard about the opportunity to fight for a Hispanic-based MMA organization called Combate Americas. The concentration on Latino fighters from a major promotion is significant in Mexico, where some contests come and go and don’t even get recorded or acknowledged. Jose believes fighting on a professional level for a well-known TV channel is a great opportunity.