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John, of Mexican descent, earned the nickname “Sexi Mexi” during his days a collegiate wrestler. He eventually found a local MMA gym and left wrestling to study combat sports after growing up as a fan. He was much heavier than he is now so once he started training and losing weight, one of his coaches recognized his bodily transformation and said “Hey John, you’re looking Sexy! Sexy Mexi!” The name stuck with him and John – who graduated with a double major in Criminal Law and Spanish – took his first professional fight during his junior year of college, which he won by knockout.

John says his family has been supportive, but they did not agree with his decision to pursue MMA. Particularly his mom, a single mother, but she wants him to be happy and will stand by him because she sees his deep passion for the sport and watched him compete as a wrestler and knows he will give it 100 percent. His siblings are also athletes and John is proud to be role model and positive example for them. Outside of MMA, John works as a bartender at a local club on the weekends to help pay the bills. He says he trains on a different level because he doesn’t have a wife or kids to distract him and doesn’t get bogged down with training others.

Instead of pursuing opportunities in UFC after his win on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, he came back to Combate to prove he’s still the best bantamweight they have. John likes to watch UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw because of his fighting style, his movement, and his wide array of strikes. John has a deep appreciation for highmovement fighters and believes he’s going to be the best version of himself in Los Angeles. His goal is to work his way back to a rematch with Levy Marroquin and eventually challenge UFC import Erik “El Goyito” Perez.




Luchador ganador en la serie de contrincantes de la ufc. Seis victorias por knockout, cuatro por rendición. Tiene un récord amateur de 15-1 con nueve luchas terminadas. Combatiente más galardonado en la historia de combate américas. Puede luchar contra diestros y zurdos. Graduado de la universidad con doble especialidad (derecho penal, español).