Following the announcement of the upcoming fight between the pro wrestling icon, Alberto Del Rio (9-5) and the legendary mixed martial artist, Tito Ortiz (20-12-1), the fighters themselves have weighed-in on the subject through social media.

Hours after the announcement was made on Tuesday, Tito Ortiz said, through his Twitter account, that he will fight for the United States and for those who want to enter the country legally.

Del Rio was quick to respond to Ortiz’s post. On his Instagram account, the Mexican fighter said that this will be his last battle before hanging up his gloves, and that he will fight for all those who want a better future.

“One more before hanging up the gloves in my house, Combate Americas, and for my people, all working people with dreams and hopes, all those wanting a better future for their children regardless of race, sex or religion, without spreading hatred or racism, Del Rio vs Tito is a reality… we’ll see each other there friends.”

The former WWE World Champion also argued that the United States was made for everyone without any exceptions.

“America wasn’t created for you, America wasn’t created for me… America was created for everybody.”

Hours after the post, the former UFC champion Ortiz, 44, responded to Del Rio’s words.

“I agree with you, they all just need to be documented. How did you get to America?” the Californian asked.

It is expected that the battle between Ortiz and Del Rio, whose place and date will be announced soon, will be one of the greatest attractions of the year in the world of combat sports. The former WWE and UFC champions will face each other in “La Jaula,” Combate Americas’ circular cage.