The fight is in Mexico City. Another landmark moment for the promotion after inking a deal with Azteca one of the two largest producers of Spanish-language television programming in the world. Combate Americas is the only promotion outside of the UFC to hold an event there.

Asked about it Swanson had this to say.

Really excited for it. It was kind of a short notice deal but, as I found about the organisation what they got going on for this upcoming year I jumped on it. It’s gonna be a good show and an awesome time.

His opponent Gustavo Lopez (6-2) fought for the vacant Combate Americas Bantamweight belt last October and lost a back and forth fight by TKO in the 4th round.  Swanson who has fought at both Flyweight and Bantamweight in his career said he’s comfortable at either weight.

I might be the smaller guy, maybe, but I’m not worried that. He’s a tough competitor, tough guy. Thinks it going to be a war. We’re the main event and I’m definitely going do my part to put on a show.

Swanson is no stranger to adversity. Compiling an impressive 10-1 pro-MMA record he fought Matt Manzanarers at RFA 9 back in 2013 in arguably the biggest fight of his career at the time.  After winning the first round he scored his third takedown of the fight in the second round but was caught in an arm bar. Swanson speaking on that loss.

That was a fight I really want to get back. If I had won that fight I heard I was on my way to the bigger show so that’s one I’ll always be pissed about.

After that, he fought sparingly on some local fight cards for the past 3 years but was close to calling it quits.

I was almost ready to give up. I had stopped training already this last year and had started doing construction because I didn’t think it was ever going to happen. This one is definitely a big opportunity. I’ve been waiting for this for quite a long time. Been trying to get on the bigger stage for a while now.

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Steve is, of course, related to UFC fighter Cub Swanson. He is, in fact, Cub’s older brother but goes by the nickname “Little” Swanson. Asked about that he explained.

I wanted the pussiest name possible. Reason for it. I like to get in the cage do my thing get crazy and then afterwards they don’t think that way. Its kind of like a special tactic.People always ask me how it is learning from your little brother you have to check your ego at the door and know that he’s there to help. Sometimes we’ll get into it because we’re brothers but ultimately he’s why I’m where I’m at today.

We always wanted to be professional athletes. We wanted to be soccer players. We were really really good at soccer unfortunately for neither one of us that didn’t happen. He had jumped into Jiu-Jitsu and later MMA and at the time i was still running around the streets getting into trouble. Cub told me hey man this might be something you want to do since we had been fighting our whole lives anyway. So he brought me into where he was training and went from there.

Both train at Tru MMA in Indio California near their hometown Palm Springs and Steve occasionally takes trips out to famed Jackson-Wink camp in New Mexico. Talking about his gym in Indio:

These guys are some of the best world at what they do. I’ve never been hit as hard as I’ve been hit here. These little guys can punch and they can punch hard. You either have to learn how to do the same thing or get rolled on

Like his younger brother, Steve has quite a few tattoos. One, in particular, is pretty unique. A big portrait style tattoo of a dog on his back.

The dogs name was Gotti. He was my best friend and the coolest dog you’d ever meet in your life. The nicest personality and loved kids. You could put a hat and sunglasses on him. He would just walk around with them on to entertain people. He ended up passing away and I loved that guy so I had to get that tattoo.

Considering his brother was in what many are calling the fight of the year in 2016. The question had to be asked, where he was when that fight went down.

Normally if I’m not at the fights ill be in charge of the viewing party. We had one at one of the local bars (in Palm Springs.) We packed the place out and people just went bananas. I feel dumb for not taking any kind of video but it was awesome, it was crazy, and people definitely got their moneys worth.

No kidding.