Combate America’s River-Calanoc is looking forward to a big 2017 and it all starts here vs Lizbeth López Silva on January 19th

Nicdali “The Night Queen” Rivera-Calanoc (9-9) in her 2nd fight under the Combate Americas banner will be facing Lizbeth López Silva (2-3) in the co-main event of Combate Americas 10 in Mexico City.

Considering herself a veteran of the sport having 18 professional MMA fights under her belt and fighting since 2006. She has already faced big names in women’s MMA like Felice Herrig and Jessica Penne.

Rivera-Calanoc is coming into this fight with supreme confidence. She has flip-flopped pretty much her entire career from Strawweight and Atomweight while her opponent is making her debut at Atomweight. Asked about the weight cut to 105 and her opponent “The Night Queen” had this to say:

I think I’m gonna have the advantage there because I know the mental part and the experience it takes to get down to 105. It’s a lot harder to get down to 105 then people think it is. I feel more comfortable at 105 but I took fights at 115 because it’s really hard to find fights at one weight outside of the UFC. I’m extremely well-rounded there’s not an area I’m  not comfortable in. I’m good at everything. I’m what you call a true mixed martial artist.

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Another reason Rivera-Calanoc is feeling good about 2017, a new training camp. Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas where she has been training since January of last year. She knew she needed to make a change if she was going to accomplish her goals and so she moved from her hometown to Vegas to train full-time there.

I’m super confident. This is the best I have ever felt. Training full-time at Xtreme Couture while also keeping my first trainer and husband Travis Calanoc definitely plays a part.

Under the tutelage of the same trainers that helped Meisha Tate become the star she is you have to like her chances. Her and Tate are actually very good friends and entered the sport around the same time.

It was a bittersweet moment for me I was excited to be in her corner but I was really disappointed to find out she was retiring but I’m happy now if that’s what makes her happy then that’s what I want for her. I just want her to be happy she’s my best friend in the whole world. She had a very long career.

At one point Rivera-Calanoc was considering retirement herself. That changed when she was contacted by Combate Americas and loved what they were doing so much she decided to make a comeback.

They told me when they first called me we’re a Latino based MMA company and we really want to promote the sport for Latinos. For me being a Mexican immigrant that meant a really big deal to me because I want to inspire other people like myself to  do anything they want in life.

Combate is the only major promotion outside of the UFC to have a MMA fight card in Mexico City. That’s very historical. You know they’re making big moves.

Rivera-Calanoc is looking to have a big year and is really excited about fighting for this company and plans to have a huge 2017.

I expect to be the Combate Americas Atomweight Champion by the end of 2017 and I expect to be undefeated in 2017.