Up-and-coming Combate Americas prospect Mark Delarosa discusses his upcoming bout and his possible future in the UFC.

Bantamweight Mark Delarosa has been making a name for himself on the lower MMA circuits. The 22-year-old, undefeated 7-0 prospect fighting out of Fort Worth, Texas, will be fighting fellow unbeaten prospect Ivan Flores on January 19 at Combate Americas 10.

Delarosa spoke with Cage Pages to talk about the bout and share his side of the Legacy FC title fight cancellation controversy back in October.

I feel I match really well. Just from what I see, I don’t know too much about him, he’s an undefeated fighter, he’s shorter which will be nice because I’m always the shorter fighter. And my boxing is very good, everybody I’ve been fighting is 5’9, 6’0 and I’m outboxing them and beating them in the standup. So it’s gonna be really nice to fight somebody who I actually have reach on because I never have reach on anybody, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

And I mean again, I feel like I can beat him anywhere. Standing, on the ground, anywhere the fight goes I’m gonna be ready and I’m going to be better everywhere.

I’m gonna get a finish. First, second round or whatever I’m going to get a finish, I’m going out there looking to make a statement and get a finish.

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This training camp for Mark Delarosa has also been quite different, mixing up his training and heading to other locations to really learn from the best about his limits.

I’ve been mixing up a lot more with taekwondo, just fancier stuff like that and a bunch of high elevation training. I went to Alpha Male for about a month, been up there with those guys, getting a lot of good cross training with a different gym and a different body type, different look, different coaching. Training with Urijah Faber, Chris Holdsworth, a bunch of their up-and-comers on the local circuit, just a bunch of good training out there.

I learned a lot more about myself pushing it, I mean I train super hard out here in Texas but it was good, they’ve got a bunch of people they all have an engine like me you know I like to go-go go because I train a lot of times throughout the day, so up there with all those fighters they have the same schedule, the same mentality as me, any time I went to practice it was go-go go-go, no talking, go-go go-go. So that was good just being around people who work like I do.”

Mark Delarosa has plenty of aspirations beyond this fight, many of those involving a future in the UFC after his contract with Combate Americas. And at only 22, Delarosa feels he has plenty of time make that happen.

When asked if he believed he was getting the call from the UFC with a win, Delarosa responded with, “I just signed a three-fight contract, so probably not but maybe after these next 3 I’ll keep my record going up and see what other offers there are out there.”

Although Delarosa is a bantamweight right now, he has floated around flyweight being a serious option if he does ever get the call to the UFC, and now Delarosa confirms the idea.

Definitely. I like 135, it’s an easy weight class to make, but I could definitely make 125, but again I’m only 22 years old so I’m not gonna rush anything. I mean I know 125 will be a little tough because 135 is not tough. I don’t want to put my body through that yet for chump change, if I’m gonna make 125, I want to be getting paid pretty good. I naturally walk around like 152-153 pounds.

Delarosa is plenty confident in being able to make it to the UFC, or at least a high-end organization, before long, and he feels his abilities from training with these high-level fighters has already given him an edge. Plus he’s got a plan to get his name out there when he gets there.

I have a bunch of training partners, like I’ll fly out to Vegas and help out a couple UFC fighters like Ryan Benoit. I have a bunch of UFC fighters fly me in for camps to help them out and I’m able to see what it’s like to be around all that immediate stuff. But anyway when it comes to how I plan to get my name out there, I will definitely take more of a Conor approach.

Lot more talking, little bit of trash talking here and there you know because I can fight and I can back it up, because you see that the people who are talking the most and running their mouth the most are the ones that are getting more of the money, more exposure, more media and moving their careers forward.

Come January 19, you can watch Mark Delarosa back up his claims at Combate Americas 10 on UFC Fight Pass starting at 8 p.m. EST in the promotion’s debut appearance in its home of Mexico City when he fights fellow undefeated prospect Ivan Flores on the main card which can be seen on Azteca America.