Wait is over, the fight that had to happen, will be a reality in Combate Americas.

Spanish Vanesa Rico (2-2) will be facing one of the main fighters of Combate Americas, Kyra Batara (5-4). This bout was going to be made in last February, but some events prevented the action inside the cage.

After a strong promotion, the two fighters were going to feature the main event of Combate 11, in Burbank (California). Batara could not give weight and the dispute was canceled, generating much controversy and debate.

For Vanesa Rico, the situation was a disrespect, considering that her opponent received all the support from the company, in addition to having a commitment. However, by not scoring 105lbs on the scale, the fight wasn't made.

"I did not like that she (Batara) wasted the opportunity to be on a stellar girls fight," Rico told. "Combate Americas gave her the star place, but if you have the opportunity and you manifest it like that, I think it's wrong. The minimum is to fulfill your word a little and do your job".

Much was said of Batara fearing Vanesa Rico, an athlete with an imposing physique that has been at the top of the Iberian judo. Nevertheless, the Spanish considers that the fear has never been towards her person.

"She is not afraid of me, but she did not give the weight for not doing her job," she said. "She has the responsibility, she has created a role and has to fulfill it. She disrespected me because she thinks I'm not a decent fighter to beat her, and yes I'm a strong opponent. I don't think she is the best atomweight around".

According to the Spanish, it wasn't easy to re-book the fight that everyone wants to see, however, after some pressure through social media and the participation of the CEO of Combate Americas, Campbell McLaren, it was possible to finalize the details so that the match could happen.

"Kyra received the contract in April to fight me, what happens is that, well, she has been thinking a lot," said the Spanish. "She said no, she had her doubts and finally, after pressing a little by twitter, added to a publication of Campbell, then the girl decided to fight".

There were other options for Vanesa Rico, in case Kyra Batara rejected the fight, but having some unfinished business, the logical thing was to make the fight between both warriors.

"Paulina Granados was a fight that was talked about, I respect her a lot and I would love to fight her, Alyssa Garcia too", Rico said. "I think this is also a fight that has to happen, Kyra did not give her weight. I want her to be Kyra, to prove that I'm a worthy fighter for her and all the others".

Finally, Vanesa Rico felt that the promotion carried out by the company was similar to that of Ronda Rousey with Amanda Nunes, where one of the two took the spotlight, when in fact, her opponent was the best.

"I hope this time they give me a different promotion," the Spanish confessed. "But my rejection is toward the person who did not give weight. Our job starts when they tell you that you're going to fight. Since competing 20 years ago, I understand that".

Kyra Batara and Vanesa Rico will face next July 27th in the city of Miami, Florida, in an event that promises to be one of the biggest in the history of Combate Americas, Combate Clasico.