One of the biggest rivalries in the history of Combate Americas, will finally be solved inside the cage, because what should have been in February, will be in "Combate Clasico". Kyra "Mogwai" Batara (5-4) will face Vanesa Rico (2-2) next July 27 in Miami.

Initially they were going to fight in "Combate 11", event in February, but a particular situation, Batara not making weight, prevented the possibility that the fans could enjoy a great combat in the division of the atomweights.

Many people were commenting that Batara was afraid of Vanesa Rico, who was in a prime physical condition in California, however, "Mogwai" states that she is not afraid of anything and wants to end this issue.

"There's nothing that I'm afraid of, there's no reason for me to think she can beat me", Batara said. "I'm gonna go in there and she's going to be sorry that she didn't took the fight in February, because I'm going to be more prepared for her".

On the other hand, Vanesa Rico has taken a leading role in social networks regarding this fight, making itself felt with comments, tweets and public statements against its opponent. To Batara this does not bother her at all.

"I'm not the type of fighter that talks smack on social media, I'm laughing about it and making fun of myself; there's nothing I can do at this point, but laugh", Batara told. "I missed weight, but there's no more apologizing, I did it before and I'm not going to continue, it's over and done, at this point".

A week ago, judoka Vanesa Rico attended the GOL show of Spanish national television, where she expressed her hope that Kyra Batara was not eating much and also mentioned her desire to fight. However, Batara sees this as a "nonsense" act.

"For you to go crying about it on national television, I think is silly, we are fighters, If you (Rico) are going to be that upset, saying that I disrespected you by not making weight, then you're a fool", Batara mentioned. "I'm ready to fight her, I do want to fight her; it was two pounds and I'd fight anybody in front of me who's two pounds over".

Kyra Batara considers that she possesses the best female talent within the ranks of Combate Americas, therefore, understands the role that the company has given her, as the main face among women who see action.

"I do believe I'm the best female inside Combate Americas right now, I've seen other female fights and I believe I have more credentials", Batara stated. "I've fought in some of the biggest shows, I'm a world BJJ champion and also hold national championships for jiu-jitsu and wrestling. I'm young, but I have the skillset".

Kyra Batara and Vanesa Rico will clash next July 27th in the event "Combate Clasico" to be held in Mana Wynwood (Miami). The Spanish star Javier Fuentes (9-5) and Tommy Aaron (4-2) will face in the main event, just before the match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.