Each sport has stories and characters that make people feel identified, each fanatic finds in an athlete, a refuge to clear the mind, expect the best and enjoy a great moment, which translates into a big smile.

In Combate Americas, a martial artist has taken charge of gradually adding fans to support him, all thanks to the humility and the great performance that leaves inside the dangerous cage in the face of his rivals.

During 1990, Jose "Froggy" Estrada (3-0) was born in Fillmore, California. That boy, with his dreams, would become a great mixed martial artist.

With Michoacan blood, Estrada personifies in its totality, what it is to be an "Aztec warrior", who were recognized for their gallantry and courage when fighting. They never expect the environment to decide who wins, on the contrary, they always go forward to define the future with their own hands.

Mathematics are accurate, the numbers do not lie and the statistics of "Froggy" as a professional fighter, makes it clear that when the 26 year old enters the cage, action and entertainment are guaranteed.

Estrada has never let a match end in the hands of the judges, in fact, has never come out to fight in a second round, because as soon as a contest starts, he decides to finish it. His three wins have been finishes(two knockouts and one submission), all before the third minute of contention.

Not everything can be a fairy tale for Estrada, who will now face the most difficult battle of his career, which will put him in front of Emilio Chávez (11-9), a veteran fighter with experience in the top MMA organizations worldwide.

A victory against Chavez would be for Estrada a knock on the table and a demonstration that he has arrived at Combate Americas, his home, for great things, and that his three victories by finish, like his unbeaten record, have not been given by chance.

"Cinco de Mayo" is an important date for the Mexicans and Estrada will not only have the opportunity to fight in that celebration, but so will his favorite athlete, Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez, the next day in Las Vegas.

"My grandfather once said, 'You're going to be on television, like Canelo, fighting. You'll be like him someday", Estrada said in an interview. "And here I am".

"Froggy" has everything to succeed in this sport, he's humble, loved by all and has a talent that few have. With his irreverence, Estrada will defend his territory, the cage, next May 5, just as the Mexican army did 155 years ago.

Combate 14 will be celebrated next May 5th in Ventura, California. And will be broadcasted by Azteca America in the United States and ESPN Latinamerica.