Campbell McLaren brings extraordinary acumen and experience to COMBATE AMERICAS.  As the acknowledged creator of The Ultimate Fighting Championship, he has been called “the brains behind The UFC” (New York Magazine) and Yahoo Sports said “…he knows more about the sport than just about anyone in it today.”

McLaren also created The Iron Ring, BET’s hip-hop version of The UFC that quickly became a hit show.  The Iron Ring starred rappers Ludacris, TI, Nelly, and boxer Floyd Mayweather and had BET’s fourth highest premiere in the network's history.  

McLaren has also produced many highly rated and successful large-scale Television specials, PPV events and series, including VH1’s Paul McCartney’s Tribute to Linda, Lifetime Television’s Free to Laugh, and Court TV’s Major Misbehavior and The Wrong Man.  McLaren’s television work has been awarded International Television Awards, Cable Ace Awards, and has been shown at SXSW, Sundance Film Festival, and the Berlin Film Festival.

McLaren studied documentary filmmaking with Richard Leacock at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has an A.B. from the University of California, Berkeley.